The following juice and cider is for sale from our cider barn, apple juice is always available from the veg shop in the walled garden. They are also available in a number of local shops, pubs and cafes in North Somerset and Bristol. Plus a few online suppliers. If you would like to buy or stock any our products please contact us.

Sparkling Medium Dry

Our medium dry sparkling cider is made from a selection of traditional bittersweet and sharp cider apples. It is clean, crisp, fruity and easy drinking. Very refreshing and great with food.

500ml bottles – this is a rolling blend so the abv can vary

Somerset Redstreak

Medium sparkling cider. Aromatic and easy drinking with a lovely soft tannin this cider is made from a blend with 80% Somerset Redstreak – one of our favourite cider apples.

500ml – 6% abv

Apple Juice

Using some of the finest traditional varieties of desert and culinary apples, our juice is pressed by hand with nothing else added. It’s a beautiful golden colour, rich, full flavoured with a tangy bite.

750ml bottle

Ashmead – crisp medium fine cider

This unique cider contains 50% Ashmead’s Kernel, one of the most highly regarded desert apples in the orchard, providing a crisp acidity. This is balanced by classic cider apples delivering sweetness and a touch of soft tannin. Made using the traditional method of keeving to retain a natural medium sweetness. Toffee-apple aromas with citrus and pear drop acidity.

Uprising – fruity medium fine cider

Made from fruit harvested earlier in the autumn this cider is packed full of fresh fruity character. Containing classic West Country cider apples including Somerset Redstreak, Major, Kingston Black and Browns it has a golden hue and contains lovely soft tannins. Distinctive apple skin aromas and tons of peach and apricot flavours. This is a light fruity and refreshing cider. Made using the traditional method of keeving to produce a natural medium sweetness.

Liberty – rich medium find cider

Made from a blend of eleven apples harvested late in the autumn this is a classic, rich, tannic, keeved cider. Bold bittersweets such as Dabinett, Yarlington Mill, Vilberie and Chisel Jersey are balanced by some of the finest sharps including Cap of Liberty (hence the name), King’s Favourite and Somerset Russet. Toffee apple aroma. Rich mineral, grassy, baked apple flavour with a touch of citrus acidity.

Draught cider

We always have a selection of draught cider available, from dry to medium in sweetness with a variety of flavour styles. Available by the bottle, in 3l pouches or 5, 10 or 20l bag in box. Contact us for more details.

Where to buy


Shops, pubs and cafes:

  • The Ethicurean – draught and bottled cider and apple juice
  • The Cider Box – draught and bottled cider
  • Redhill Village Social Club – draught cider
  • Brockley Stores – apple juice and bottled cider
  • Churchill Post Office – apple juice and bottled cider
  • Lye Cross Farm Stores – apple juice
  • Southville Deli – apple juice and bottled cider
  • Better Foods – apple juice and bottled cider
  • Cafe Kino – bottled cider
  • G – Brothers Pizza – bottled cider
  • East Bristol Bakery – apple juice
  • The Mall Deli – apple juice and bottled cider
  • Eat Your Greens – bottled cider
  • The Bristol Cider Shop – bottled cider
  • The Exchange – bottled cider